Tips for Enlarging Your Space

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Tips for Enlarging Your Space

Tiny house in Hong Kong is a big problem for house owner.

Small size and weird shape of house make space even smaller

How to Enlarge the space as much as possible?

Let's see the tips from designer!

Rule 1

Show as Much of the Floor as Possible!

This trick makes a room seem larger as it fools our brain automatically and assume that more floor space means a bigger room.

Danish Style Furniture, which are designed with tall and uncovered legs, is a good executor of this trick. 

Floor is visible since you can see under the danish style furniture. Comparing with furniture which sticks to the floor, furniture with legs also tends to look less bulky which helps to make the room less crowded.


Felix Retro Sideboard


W45 X L160 X H56 $10,900

W45 X L180 X H76 $12,200

W45 X L200 X H76 $13,200

W45 X L220 X H76 $14,200



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