Make Good Use of Entrance Area

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Make Good Use of Entrance Space

Entrance is an important part for interior design

Not only it provides storage area for owner but influences the entire space style and visible structure

which also reveals owner 's personal image and style.


People always ignore this area or just placing a large shoe cabinet for storage which mismatch with the whole atmosphere in the house.

But designers include it as a tool to create an overall atmosphere in the complete design.

By using functional layersand design of storage space, designer combine the entrance and all other areas in a consistant style.

Impress your guest by unique home design since the door is opened.

Knowing how to make good use of your entrance will also bring positive influence to homeowners.

In addition of storage, as an area that we get in and out of the house, it should be a place that provide energy to start our day and welcome us when we get home. Various functional intervals of cabinet design could help us.

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