Solving Noise Pollution with Interior Design

Posted by Style50s 19/04/2022 0 Comment(s)

When we go around looking for an apartment, we often put a lot of attention towards the size of the flat. However, there is one point that we often forget about, at the same time being vital to living – the sound within the environment. Aside from visual aspects, sound also affects our health and mood. So here are some noise reduction tips! Time to hype the mood!

1. Thick cloth
Thick cloth products can effectively absorb sound, so even if the noise enters the unit, it could be effectively eliminated! Cloth products such as carpets, curtains, etc. can all achieve this effect.

2. Wood furnitures
Wooden furniture is made of many fibers combined together, so although we can't see it with naked eye, there are actually many small holes in the fibers, which effectively absorb sound! Especially for softwoods, such as pine, the sound-absorbing effect is even more significant. It is recommended that you place a piece of wooden furniture in the place where the noise is coming in to isolate the incoming sound! For example, if it is placed on the wall adjacent to the neighbor, you will not hear a sound even if they are having a mahjong party!

3. Soundproof ceiling
This one can be the most effective but at the same time being the most complex one, install a soundproof ceiling! A soundproof ceiling can reduce the noise disturbance from upstairs and create a quieter and more comfortable sleeping environment! The importance of an effective sleep is well-known for good health. This design is especially suitable for those who live with elderlies.  

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