Experiment in 50days

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The Japanese program conducted the "50-Day Magical Test" and found that girls live in a beautiful environment will change their quality of life.

A person's appearance depending on the growth environment, changing your personal habits, it turns out that you can also change your appearance!

Better life, healthier and happier

The experimental results show that whether it is the surrounding environment, a word of the people around you, or a small habit in life, it can have a great impact on you. Change the environment, change the mindset, the appearance will naturally change; as long as you are willing to change!

一個人的容貌,不論好看或不好看都是先天就定了下來,但是原來有些時候,靠後天的成長環境,改變你的個人習性,原來也是可以連帶容貌都改變了!生活質素更好,更健康,更快樂 !
實驗結果證明無論是周遭的環境、身邊人的一句說話或是生活上一個小小的習慣,就可以對你有大大的影響。改變環境、改變心態、外觀自然會改變 ; 只要你願意改變!

資料來源 Presslogic