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所有創作靈感都來自於生活和經驗,相信大家對於 #魷魚遊戲 裡面嘅樓梯場景都非常熟悉!這個複雜的構圖靈感是取自於一位知名的荷蘭版畫藝術家M.C. Escher 在1953年畫的作品《Relativity》。《Relativity》裡描述的是一個科幻的空間,沒有起點也沒有終點。反映著現實世界裡往往也是沒有方向的。每個個人都在自己的軌道上行駛,有快有慢。但我們很多時候都會覺得自己走錯了、走得太慢了。Escher正正就是想透過這個創作告訴迷茫中的人,改變現實的方法其實在於你如何看待它。
Every design is inspired by life and experiences. We believe all of us are familiar with the recent hot topic of #squidgame . This staircase set design in the series is inspired by an art piece, "Relativity", created by famous Dutch graphic artist, M.C. Escher in 1953. "Relativity" describes a sci-fi space and structure that has no starting and ending points. It reflects the lack of directions in reality. There are a lot of times where we think we are on the wrong track and believes that we are moving too slowly or going to a wrong direction. But in fact, we are all on our own time zones and places, and there is no right or wrong about it. Through "Relativity", Escher wanted to remind the lost that if you want to change your "reality", the only way is to change your perspective towards it.
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