Color trendy 2021

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#顏色配搭】分享2021顏色配搭 好的色彩配搭可以為你的家大大加分 !



1. 極致灰與亮麗黃旨帶來韌性同希望

Gray and Yellow :They give energy and comfort for the home

2. 藍綠色: 欲求取一席安穩寧靜,是超然物外的清淨綠色, 並擁抱親近自然環境

Aegean Teal : cozy and relaxing - cool color max with natural Material to give balance and contrast This color is a revitalizing, rejuvenating, calming color that represents clarity of thought. Its calms and balances the mind and emotions.

3. 棕銅 : 大自然的啟發-是對生命或生命系統的熱愛,這是我們與自然世界之間固有的聯繫。 由於這是暗調,我們應該在材質上添加更多自然的元素。

urbane bronze:Inspired by nature - is a love of life or living systems, It’s our inherent human connection to the natural world. As a dark tone, we should add more natural tone on material


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